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Raising Stress Management to a Whole New Level: Where the Mind, Body and Spirit Integrate

How is stress negatively impacting your life? At the Malter Institute, we offer 35+ years of innovative solutions related to stress management.   Our approach is like a 3-legged stool.

We start with an advanced nutritional approach based on your hair tissue mineral analysis, HTMA. This accurate laboratory test reflects how minerals relate to your stress reaction.

Next, we take a healing mental approach based on the concept of the “Judge” or “inner tyrant”.  The “Judge” is related to everyone’s stress response; the “fight or flight” response that causes anger and anxiety, blocking us from our dreams and personal success.

Finally, we combine the benefits of yoga and meditation.  Rosalie teaches yoga at the gentle/therapeutic level of exercise and relaxation for body, mind and spirit. The meditation calms the inner chatter.

When all 3 legs are active and balanced, we’ve seen our countless clients make rapid progress towards their goals.

“Magnesium Saved my Life!”  – Rick Malter, Ph.D.

35 years ago, I was showing signs of severe hypoglycemia and total exhaustion. In 1980, I was fortunate that a friend and colleague of mine, Ken Candelaria, Ph.D., was very well informed about the cardiovascular health risks associated with severe magnesium deficiency.   Among the major health risks associated with magnesium deficiency are sudden massive fatal heart attacks, serious glucose regulation problems leading to diabetes, and cancer.

Dr. Candelaria strongly recommended that I get a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) test.  The results of this simple lab test clearly showed that I had a very severe magnesium deficiency that put me at an extreme high risk for a fatal heart attack.  I have no doubt that detecting my severe magnesium deficiency with a hair HTMA saved my life and put me on the road back to restoring my health, energy, and vitality.   This led me to study nutrition and hair tissue mineral analysis in depth which was a natural addition to my psychology and counseling practice.

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