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“Eagerly reading the latest book on the Inner Child.  It’s difficult to put this book down — it makes you think!  Bless the Malters for putting out this important information.”       Gratefully, Salli S.


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malter_book1A NEW E-BOOK

How to Free The Inner Child:
A Path to Joy and Empowerment
by Rick Malter, Ph.D. & Rosalie Malter, M.A.
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malter_book2Shrinking the Judge:
Freeing the Inner Child

by Rick Malter, Ph.D. & Rosalie Malter, M.A.
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Dr. Rick and Rosalie Malter have written a highly informative book on the “Judge” (Inner Terrorist) part of personality.

This no-nonsense book will help you to identify your Judge, learn how it functions in your life, and then to “deflate” it–negate the power it has over you and reclaim that power for yourself. The Judge operates in darkness, terrifying your inner child. This book shows you how to turn on the light and see the Judge for what it really is, just a pile of old memories, like a TV showing scary old movies, powerless to harm you.
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malter_book3The Strands of Health:
A Guide to Understanding Hair Mineral Analysis

by Rick Malter, Ph. D.
$19.95 (+ $4.00 shipping)

Dr. Rick Malter has drawn on his many years of study, experience, and practical clinical application of hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (TMA) in writing THE STRANDS OF HEALTH.
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Instructional Yoga DVD

split_headstandDVD and Video Rosalie’s introductory video was produced in 2001. It is a basic gentle Hatha yoga class that is well suited to beginners and seniors. She gives clear instructions as well as essential precautions. The program is on DVD. To order, e-mail

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Rosalie MalterRosalie Malter – Yoga Wisdom for Caregivers.mp3

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