Dealing with Change

The one thing that’s constant in life is change. As soon as we get comfortable with something, it changes. Then we have the choice of adapting to that change or resisting it. Resisting creates much more pain than adapting and accepting. We also have a choice of creating change instead of just reacting to change.

What do you want to change in your life? What’s keeping you from doing it? Do you know what your obstacles are? That’s the first step. Second step is to set a goal. As soon as you do, obstacles will suddenly emerge. Usually the internal ones are the worst. That voice in your head (the Judge, or Inner Tyrant) that says you can’t do it. We have some effective ways to clear that Judge from your thinking, and have written two books, Shrinking the Judge and How to Free the Inner Child, (e-book) which can guide you through that process. If the books aren’t enough, contact us for an individual consultation. We can do this in person, by phone or Skype. You can reach me at The third step is to make a systematic plan to take you to your goal, so you don’t get derailed as obstacles pop up in your path. Being accountable to another person is important to staying on track.

All change is stressful, whether you are creating it or reacting to it. How do you take care of yourself when things get stressful? Do you take care of your physical body? Your thoughts? Your nutritional status? Do you watch your energy output, get enough sleep, exercise, relaxation? Do you exhaust yourself trying to do everything on your list every day? Or do you pace yourself and have some fun along the way? You’ll be more effective and last longer if you do. Being focused is important but being driven is counter-productive.

When I teach yoga classes I talk about the balance between effort and ease. We need both in order to move forward but not burn out, to push your limits gently but not injure yourself.

More on this next time.