Before their retirement to Arizona in May, 2001, Dr. Malter and Rosalie were creative and innovative therapists using combinations of gestalt, art therapy, transactional analysis (TA), drama and intuition in guiding people to identify and release their emotional blocks. Though no longer in private counseling and psychotherapy practice, the Malters continue to present seminars and workshops in Arizona and around the USA on Understanding the Inner Psychological Drama. In their workshops, participants learn to remove emotional blocks and to feel more empowered to develop their full potential on all levels — body, mind, and spirit. They currently do Life and Health Coaching, at their office in Cottonwood or by email or phone anywhere in the world.

Life Coaching for Your Goals

Unlike counseling and psychotherapy that look backwards to help you understand yourself, coaching is a supportive relationship in the present time. Together we discover who you are now, what you want from life and how to most effectively reach your goals.

Coaching helps you take action and move towards specific results that make a positive difference in your life. Your investment of time and money with a coach should pay back huge dividends for you. We’ll help you maximize your life potential in ways that you visualize and dream.

A Professional Coach Offers You:

  • Objectivity
  • Availability, at agreed-upon intervals
  • Constant support foryour goals
  • Clarity
  • Confidentiality

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