Drug Industry Crime

In a recent article (November 1, 2007) that was on News Target.com, Herb Newborg summarized the fines levied in September, 2007 against the drug industry and medical device manufacturers for their criminal activities. Here are my original comments about what Newborg reported.

“Herb Newborg’s article on the corruption fines levied against drug companies indicates that these companies and their officials routinely engage in massive deceipt and manipulation. Using Newborg’s figures, these fines add up to 3 billion, 430 million dollars! These companies must be making a lot more in profits for their officials to decide that it is worth the risk of being fined for corrupt practices. And these same companies and officials supposedly are engaged in “scientific” studies to determine the safety and effectiveness of their products. How could anyone possibly trust any studies and data they submit when deceipt, fraud, and corruption seem to be standard operating procedures for them?”

Obviously, fines alone don’t deter this kind of criminal activity that adversely affects the health and well being of large numbers of people while generating millions and billions of dollars in sales and profits. Not only are our politicians complicit in allowing the FDA and other government “health” agencies to serve the needs and interests of these criminal companies, but the politicians also reward these companies with billions of dollars of subsidies in the form of Medicare drug “benefits” to pay for toxic drugs. Is our health/disease care system in need of reform? You bet! But, this system is so corrupt to its core that the corrupt influences have poisoned everything from medical and other health practitioner training to licensing to continuing education to health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. The latest “buzz” word to support this corrupt system is that only “evidence based” treatments and practices will be accepted in the new health care reform that is being touted by candidates. Hillary Clinton is already useing this buzz word of “evidence based” practices in some of her speeches. I wonder how much money her campaign has already received from drug companies and medical device manufacturers? Until we clean out enough corrupt politicians in both the legislative and the executive branches of government, we will continue to be exposed to the dangers of toxic drugs that easily gain the stamp of approval by the FDA. How many more Vioxx, Avandia, Rezulin, and other dangerous drugs do we have to be exposed to before there is enough grass roots pressure to break up this corrupt system?

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