Keeping Your Cool in the Arizona Heat

It’s that time of year in Arizona when we all stay indoors in the midday and come out, like the animals, when the sun descends.  News articles are all about avoiding heat stroke (which is deadly).  I didn’t give it too much thought until one of my yoga students had to go to the ER last week.  She is an energetic 80-something who does lots of yoga and thinks she’s invincible.  After being out with her dog a little too long in the morning, she was suddenly weak and dizzy and had to call 911.  She spent the rest of the day in the hospital.  So what can we do to not repeat her experience and still have fun in the summer?

Stay hydrated.  Can’t emphasize that one enough.  Not only lots of water, but add in some potassium chloride to your drink, especially if you’re a slow metabolic type.  Commercial potassium chloride drinks like Gatorade and Vitamin Water have lots of artificial colors, flavors and other chemical toxins, so avoid them.  Shaklee has a drink called Performance that has been tested with Olympic athletes.   It is very effective at keeping your electrolytes balanced and it has all natural ingredients.  Email Rosalie to order this excellent product.

Do Restorative or Aqua Yoga.  Restorative is a wonderful, deeply restful yoga practice done indoors.  It’s all passive, lying down postures, supported by bolsters and blankets.  It’s beneficial for anyone feeling stressed out or stressed by the heat – very rejuvenating.  If you have an injury or recent surgery, insomnia, chronic pain or if you have been doing too much “power” yoga practice, it will re-balance your system.  Aqua yoga is done in an outdoor pool Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. when the shadows are getting long.  You will feel cool on the hottest day and very relaxed at the end.  It’s particularly beneficial for those with mobility issues or balance problems.  See more details on the yoga page of this website and times and locations of classes on the calendar

.lotus_back_group     Restorative yoga practice

Practice meditation in the evening.  Watch the stars, clear your mind and let yourself be cool mentally as well as physically.  If you want to meditate with others we have a free meditation group Mondays at 7 at the Healing Arts Center in Cottonwood.  You can practice whatever style of meditation you prefer or Rosalie can give you some brief instruction.  Call if you plan to come, 928/649-9343.

Happy summer!  (if it’s winter in your part of the world, you can dream of summer)



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