Our Testimonials

Allison, Denver, CO:
“Hair analysis has become the leading tool I use in my naturopath practice since studying under Dr. Malter. It repeatedly confirms what a patient is experiencing in their health, many of which flies under the radar in medical offices. And... Read More
“You and Rosalie are amazing.  You both have given me life.  The two of you have given me more than you’ll ever know.  I am humble…”
S.B., Cottonwood:
“I am a definite advocate for Magnesium and have seen how much it has helped my son too. Both of us with our high anxiety have found that it can assist to give a calming effect during the stress we... Read More
“That was a superb webinar tonight (on the Chemistry of Relationships)! Thank you!”
“I want to thank you for the wonderful workshop on Sunday!!  It was so incredibly helpful!!  What a shift……the illusion is now so clear to me!!  I’ve been in staff meetings the last two days and have had to speak... Read More
“Thank you for bringing this copper overload issue to everyone’s attention.  I do hope that more research will be done on this as it is likely the underlying cause of a lot of mental and physical conditions. You are a... Read More
“Rosalie Malter’s Gentle Hatha Yoga classes helped me to regain my health and flexibility after a life threatening 11 1/2 hour cancer surgery.  Rosalie’s individualized approach was a major factor in my healing and recovery process.”