Dealing with “Stress Overwhelm”

Dr. Rick has recently coined the term “stress overwhelm” which is an inclusive term for a number of fancy psychiatric diagnoses, such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks, anger and rage outbursts. He proposes certain nutrients to alleviate these conditions, but there are also many other remedies, more helpful than medication and no side effects.

What are some of these remedies?  Yoga is one of the best.  It can give you short-term relief from stress and long-term, a more peaceful and balanced life.  The key is to find the right level class for you, one that is easily within your current capacity so you don’t get “stressed out” trying to do difficult new things.  We have yoga for all levels.  Gentle hatha yoga is a mat practice, but very simple and easy for almost everyone.  If you prefer to do it in your own home, we have a DVD, “Yoga for You”.  This can also be downloaded directly from the internet if you don’t want a DVD.  Contact me for how to do this.  The most relaxing gentle yoga class is Restorative, a practice in which you are lying on the floor with props for support and holding each posture 5 -7 minutes.  Extremely stress-relieving!  Once a month we do Restorative plus Reiki (R & R), where Rosalie is assisted by a Reiki Master who attends to each student.  There is also chair yoga, for those who can’t get down and up off the floor easily.  This is a shared class with my colleague, Carol Oveross.  In the summer we have aqua yoga, delightful on a 90 degree day.  It is great for people with mobility challenges.  The final relaxation is either floating, supported by 2 foam noodles or in the hot tub.  This summer, aqua yoga will be at the Sedona Shadows pool, from June through September.

One of the great things about yoga is the emphasis on control of the breath.  Doing various breathing practices (with our without a yoga class) gives you instant connection to your autonomic system, enabling you to change your mood and balance your energies.   Deep diaphragmatic breathing is very calming.  Using the “ocean-sounding breath” (ujjayi, in Sanskrit) is a non-verbal signal to your body/mind to relax.  You can just feel the adrenaline leaving your body.  Alternate nostril breathing is great to prepare for a good night’s sleep.  All these are taught regularly in yoga classes, or you can have a coaching session with me to learn the proper technique.  If you don’t live in the local area, we can meet by Skype.  Breath control is essential to quiet your mind for meditation.

While you’re doing all this relaxing breathing, the addition of aromatherapy adds even more in controlling stress overwhelm.  Young Living has an oil blend called “Stress Away.”  It is a blend of lime, vanilla, copaiba and lavender, bringing a warm, relaxing tropical scent, like an instant vacation, very mentally uplifting.  It comes in a roll-on or a regular drip bottle and is recommended for diffusing during yoga and meditation.  Ann Blake-Tracy, an expert on getting people weaned off psychotropic medications, uses essential oils in all her treatment protocols.  Other blends, Peace and Calming is great for deepening your sleep and Valor is wonderful for anxiety, even performance anxiety.  Our daughter who is a competitive dancer, puts Valor on her feet before performing and says it’s very helpful.

Another useful idea to consider is that of the Inner Judge, that part of your mind that judges and criticizes you relentlessly.  That can add greatly to your inner distress.  Just knowing that everybody has this can be helpful in decreasing its power.  For more info  we have a book “Shrinking the Judge,” and an ebook “How to Free the Inner Child.”  See our Books page on this website.

Some other things I’ll just mention briefly are Magnesium and herbs.  With Magnesium (Mg), sometimes it’s a challenge to get enough into your system without upsetting your digestion.  We have a time release Mg that works well.  There’s also liquid, a product called Calm, which can be sipped all day long and Epsom Salts, which you can soak in and your skin will absorb it.  There are also lotion and cream forms of Mg.  The best herb is Ashwaganda, which can be used straight, in tablets, or as a combination pill, called Stress Relief, by the Shaklee company.  We either carry all these products or can help you obtain them, so please ask.  While you are balancing your minerals with Dr. Rick, there’s no need to suffer the effects of Stress Overwhelm when so many good techniques and products are available.  Just ask us!