Allison, Denver, CO:

Hair analysis has become the leading tool I use in my naturopath practice since studying under Dr. Malter. It repeatedly confirms what a patient is experiencing in their health, many of which flies under the radar in medical offices. And the best part is the patient feels a difference even on the road to becoming re-balanced. Thank you from both I and my patients Dr. Malter, for sharing this wisdom.

I learned a lot throughout the course including: the impact of stress, relationships between mind & body, magnesium deficiency, copper toxicity, cascade effect of even one mineral or vitamin such as vitamin D, some problems with measurements & statistics, the Judge and its role…

Thanks again for a wonderful course. It was eye opening and you really did a great job of showing the powerful nature of HTMA to bring together both the psychological and physiological components. Also, thank you for putting on the extra Judge & Vitamin D classes – they are both very much appreciated.