Thank you for bringing this copper overload issue to everyone’s attention.  I do hope that more research will be done on this as it is likely the underlying cause of a lot of mental and physical conditions.

You are a Saint and I will surely pass on the word to others who are suffering through the ordeals of excess copper.  It really was like someone flipped a switch when I began giving my daughter and me zinc.  I have never been so amazed in my life.  I had not heard of copper toxicity before, but having read your paper (on copper toxicity), I have finally solved the issues plaguing my 6 year-old daughter.  We have had major issues with her since birth and it has been like living in a nightmare.  After 6 long years of torture, enduring rageful fits and off the charts irritability and hyperactivity daily, she is a calm and co-operative child.  Something I never dreamed I would experience.  25 mg of zinc and she is a completely different child.