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Benefits of Yoga

  • Yoga helps you feel peaceful and balanced, releasing stress and tension.
  • Yoga helps prepare your body and mind for comfortable seated meditation.
  • Yoga helps you be calm and centered in the midst of the stresses of everyday life.
  • Yoga teaches you to be a more detached observer and not to over-react to situations.

Yoga Classes

aqua_yogaAqua Yoga

Aqua kriya yoga is beneficial for students with a variety of health issues, and you’ll even enjoy it if you’re perfectly healthy and just like working out in warm water.  The water is 85 degrees and the class is in an outdoor pool (April to October).  The water supports you, assisting with balance or mobility problems.  It also provides resistance, helping you develop strength as you move into various postures.  Students use the side of the pool and a foam “noodle” for additional support.  All postures are done standing in this class, but it’s not tiring because you’re in the water.  Final relaxation is in the hot tub, a delightful ending to a very relaxing class.

seated_stretchGentle Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a gentle yoga practice, promoting relaxation and conscious breathing techniques for people who may have injuries, are overweight, or have limited range of motion.  It will increase your flexibility and decrease tension and pain.  This gentle yoga can be done by those who can’t get up or down from the floor.  Chair yoga postures can help stretch your hands, wrists, arms, back, hips and feet.  The postures may help strengthen your abdominal muscles, deepen your breath and lower high blood pressure.  Eliminate stress with seated meditation techniques, promoting relaxation and mental focus.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga consists of all passive, supported postures, while lying down, which are held from 5 – 7 minutes each.  It is a deeply relaxing practice, great for stress management.  Students with insomnia, chronic fatigue, anxiety or depression, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems may benefit from this practice.  People with recent surgeries or women who are post-partum can also benefit.  Those who are used to more intense yoga practices benefit greatly from restorative as it provides balance in their yoga practice.  Students must be able to get up off the floor at the end.  This is a 75-minute class.  Once a month we do this class with the addition of Reiki, as a 90 minute class, called R & R (Restorative and Reiki).

forward_bendYoga Therapy

Rosalie believes that changes in the body lead to a more effective physical and psychological wellbeing than verbal and intellectual understanding of problems. Yoga therapy can be helpful for physical and/or emotional concerns. A one-hour yoga therapy session includes passive and supported yoga postures as well as some verbal processing of feelings.

Email Rosalie for the latest class schedule and any possible changes:

Instructional Yoga DVD

split_headstandDVD and Video Rosalie’s introductory video was produced in 2001. It is a basic gentle Hatha yoga class that is well suited to beginners and seniors. She gives clear instructions as well as essential precautions. The program is on DVD. To order, e-mail

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Rosalie MalterRosalie Malter – Yoga Wisdom for Caregivers.mp3

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